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Hi, I'm Nana.

This site is basically about what I like to do, and features some of my work. If you would like to get in touch, just drop me an email (as below) and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Cheers!


*This part right here seems a little empty huh? yeap. I'll think of something... soon.. I hope.

featured works

about me

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage
to pursue them.”

Walt Disney said it all. Never hold back.

Anyway, my background is in Advertising Design and Corporate Communication. I currently teach at the Faculty of Creative Multimedia of Multimedia University Cyberjaya, Malaysia for the Advertising Design programme. I believe my strength lies in idea conceptualization (and vector graphics) which I hope to develop further. Over the years, I've done consumer research and analysis that help me understand the market better.

I design corporate identities, print materials, website, 2d flash animation and a teeny weeny bit of 3d modeling. Now venturing into new media technologies in advertising.


corporate & brand identity, event campaign

Srikandi Sports Carnival

Design proposals for Srikandi Tun Fatimah alumni association, for its Sports Carnival in 2016. Work in progress, but currently there are some options for logo design, and the website.

Software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator.

Malaysia International Music Expo (MIME) 2011 - Music Education

Organized by FIFTYone Training & Consultancy (FTC), MIME is an event catered for youth to learn music and possibly making a career out of it. Designs include: Logo, print ad, flyers.

Software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator.

Media Prima Berhad

A set of designs for their Aidilfitri celebration entitled '1001 Raya'. Arabic-themed celebration. Includes Logo, EDM, poster, backdrop and photowall.

Software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator.

Batteryheadz Music

The client was a new company and they wanted to create a corporate identity which suits their image and would appeal to their target audience. Items created were their logo, letterhead, business card, sales receipt, company stamp, event promotional items and website. After a few years, I was given another opportunity to revamp the old website, and designed the second version of their business card.

Software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash & Dreamweaver.



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Business card ver.2: Two-face card which changes side as the viewing angle differs.

Intaz Holdings

Business card design for the client. The graphic indicates a forward moving company, with a distorted arrow pointing upwards.

Software: Adobe Illustrator.

Prototype - Spyrogyra

This is just something I did for fun :).

Software: Adobe Illustrator.

Srikandi Futsal 2006 & 2007

Designs for my alma mater's alumni futsal tournament. Items include logo, brochure, bunting, banner, website and t-shirt. The 'old skool' idea was used to signify the target participants, which were all boarding school alumni.

Software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash & Dreamweaver.



Prints & Out of Home

Global Carriers

I was given the opportunity to create a giant 30x150ft bunting for Malaysia's 50th independence day, to be put up on Plaza Pekeliling in Kuala Lumpur. Kudos to the photographer and copywriter.

Software: Adobe Photoshop.

Multimedia University

I did several print ads for Multimedia University, mainly ads for magazines, and these are some samples of B&W newspaper ads. The ones below them are posters created for the uni's Open Day.

Software: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.


This is a series of ideas proposed for a ring tone ad in local magazines for the client, and the chosen one was the pink version.

Software: Adobe Illustrator.

Intelligence PC Centre

A company profile design done for the client. They wanted something simple and direct.

Software: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.

Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development

The client requested a report book design for a children's rights conference held in Kuala Lumpur. Several ideas were proposed and here are the final choices, where the green design was finally used.

Software: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.


Some poster designs done for different groups and events.

Software: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Google Sketchup.

Branding / Packaging

Resipi Maktok

Identity and product label design for the client.

Software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator.

Wedding Favors

The client wanted to give out honey to the guests, so I was given the opportunity to design the label for them. *Original label structure is a template.

Software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator.

Uncorny Monster

A packaging design I did for a particular

Software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator.

Screen-based: Website, Mobile & Interactive CD

Interactive Quran

A mobile augmented reality application that displays virtual content of the Quran - Translation and audio recitation.

Software: Adobe Photoshop, Layar



This is a website done for one of Malaysia's leading traditional musician, Kamrul Hussin.

Software: Adobe Photoshop, Flash & Dreamweaver.

An online store selling paintings and ceramics for global collectors. The first layout is the final design, while the second one is another proposed idea.

Software: Adobe Photoshop, Flash & Dreamweaver, Autodesk Maya, 3ds Studio Max.

Islam Hadhari

This is the official website done for Islam Hadhari under the former Prime Minister of Malaysia. Collaboration work with some web programmers.

Software: Adobe Photoshop & Flash (design only).

Faculty of Creative Multimedia, Multimedia University

A promotional interactive CD for the faculty. I was in charge of the interaction, multimedia and layout design based on the graphics done by another designer.

Software: Adobe Illustrator, Flash and Swish Max.

Selangor State Library

This is a group project done for the client, as part of culture and heritage archiving initiative to preserve the history of Selangor. I was one of the 2D animators assigned for the project. The final output is interactive CD.

Software: Adobe Illustrator & Flash.

Diverse Malaysia

A motion graphic project that presents the multiracial community living in Malaysia.

Software: Adobe Illustrator & After Effects.

Other marketing collaterals and miscellaneous items.

Kuala Lumpur Convention Center

A proposed design for the client, which includes calendar and festive greeting cards with envelope.

Software: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.

Wedding invitation card

MY wedding invitation :). The thing about designers is that they would like to design their own everything. *eyes rolling

Software: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.

Wedding invitation card

Another wedding invitation card design done for a client.

Software: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.

East Meets West

A multimedia projection on painted canvas - Artwork created for FCM MMU Research Creation 2 (RCE2), and exhibited in Malaysia's National Art Gallery during INNOFEST 2010.

Software: Adobe Illustrator & After Effects.


I'm planning on adding more stuff here, but for now, feel free to download these files:

Vector cats and dogs (silhouette)

File format: *.ai (Illustrator CS4)

Textured paper

File format: *.zip (of *.jpg), Size: 1.8MB, 3 files.


Please do not hesitate to contact me for any inquiries.

Leyana Wafa / Nana

Kindly email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.